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Cannon S-Type Outdoor Cabinet

“S-TYPE” encompasses the range of enclosures designed for sensitiv

Cannon Apparatus / LOC Cabinet

The Apparatus Cabinet, also known as a Location Case is rated at IP55

Cannon Xtreme Outdoor Cabinet

The CANNON XTREME is a ruggerdisedand environmentally protected life s

Cannon MkII Telephone Stump Box

This cabinet is a traditional, proven design that continues to be a pr

Cannon D-Type Outdoor Cabinet

“D-TYPE” is a range of enclosure developed for the communications

Cannon SISS Outdoor Cabinet

The Cannon S174800x & S175800x are insulated double wall outdoor c

Cannon TechniCabin Outdoor Cabinet

The Cannon TechniCabinis a cost effective alternative to employing lar

Cannon Pedestal Outdoor Cabinet

The Cannon C055800A Pedestal Cabinet is a single-skinned copper termin

Cannon Enigma Outdoor Shelter

“ENIGMA” is a range of shelters developed as a Vandal Proof Housin

Cannon Lubrication Outdoor Cabinet

The Cannon C109800A Lubrication System Cabinet is a single-skinned out

Cannon A-Type Outdoor Cabinet

“A-TYPE (AirWave)” is the name given to Cannon’s range of outdoo

Cannon Vandal Proof Telephone Handset Cabinet

The IP55 Cannon Vandal Proof Telephone Handset Cabinet is a single-ski

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