Level 6 Services

Level 6 Services

Cannon Technologies’ Level 6 Services offer a speedy and cost-effective one-stop turnkey solution, particularly focused on FTTH, FTTP, Data Centre, Modular DC, Edge Outdoor PODS, Communications, Security & Defence Sectors…..

Why choose Cannon
Technologies and
Level 6 Services?

For over four decades, Cannon Technologies Group has stood as a paragon of excellence in the
telecoms equipment field. With an extensive legacy spanning more than 45 years, we have
consistently excelled in the precision craft of conceptualising, fabricating and seamlessly integrating
cutting-edge indoor and outdoor enclosures and cabinets.


Level 6 Services Overview

  • Mechanical Components (Level 0): Fabrication of parts, plastic components, and accessories.
  • Mechanical Assembly (Level 1): Assembly of parts into electronic enclosures, rack cabinets, etc.
  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly (Level 2): Installation of climate controls, cables, harnesses, PDUs, and passive parts.
  • Electronic Enclosure Assembly (Level 3): Comprehensive installation of climate control systems, power supply units, complex cables, and wiring.
  • Active Components/Equipment & Software (Level 4): Integration of hardware, software, active equipment for diagnosis, and final testing.
  • Build & Drop Shipments (Level 5): Customized building to meet client requirements, including configuration and functional testing.
  • Staging, Installation & Service/Maintenance (Level 6): Full staging services, installation, maintenance, and remote monitoring.

Unique Benefits

  1. Faster time to market, installs, and onboarding of customers
  2. Enhanced Return On Investment (ROI)
  3. Remote monitoring and maintenance services for quality assurance and customer retention
  4. Customisable solutions to meet specific environmental and thermal management needs
  5. Expertise in handling Communications, ALTNET and network operators for efficient deployment of critical network infrastructure

Global Reach and Expertise

Cannon Technologies has a history of successful projects, including Openreach, Virgin Media, Network Rail, BBC broadcast stations, government institutions, banks, and defense communications, demonstrating their capability to deliver under challenging conditions.

Advanced Technology and Services

Cannon Technologies commitment to advancing technology ensures the best return on investment for our products and services, leading to global expansion and worldwide recognition.

In-house technical engineering team

Cannon Technologies offers comprehensive Level 6 Services, integrating technical engineering support from concept to reality.

This service includes stock management, integration, wiring, software/firmware installation, and onsite installation, ensuring rapid deployment and operation. The emphasis is on accelerating market entry, installation speed, customer onboarding, and faster ROI.

Additional support includes remote equipment monitoring, electronic locking, user rights management, and onsite maintenance, enhancing quality of service, customer retention, and profit generation.

Cannon’s expertise in data centres (including Modular DC’s) enclosures and indoor/outdoor 19″ cabinets caters to specific environmental and thermal management needs, supporting Transportation, Communications ALTNETS, Broadcast, Security & Defence,  and network operators in deploying critical network infrastructure efficiently and effectively.

Our commitment to advancing technology

Over the past four decades, Cannon Technologies has grown and established itself as a leader in its core business areas. Their dedication to advancing technology and maximizing user returns has led to global expansion and recognition. Cannon’s impressive portfolio includes notable projects like the Kennedy Space Centre installation, widespread FTTP/H deployment across the UK, and challenging installations in South Africa. Their expertise extends to diverse sectors, with major projects for Openreach, Virgin Media O2, Network Rail, the BBC, government institutions including the UK Parliament and Ministry of Defence, banks across Japan, the USA, Africa, Europe, and critical defense communications. This wide range of projects demonstrates Cannon’s ability to deliver high-quality solutions across various demanding environments.

Speed and cost-effectiveness of a one-stop turnkey solution

Cannon Technologies’ Level 6 Services offer a speedy and cost-effective one-stop turnkey solution, particularly focused on Data Centres, Fibre Exchange Modules, FFTP, FTTH, FTTx. Their pre-designed, pre-tested, and pre-built range of FTTx cabinets in common sizes minimizes the client’s technical investment. This service includes comprehensive support such as technical advice, program management, stock holding, and management, as well as immediate availability of mechanical and thermal management products. With a commitment to integrating within 10 working days, pending client product availability, Level 6 Services ensures a faster path to cash flow and profit. This ‘no pain’ process encompasses complete service from manufacture to installation, including assembly, integration of client hardware, software/firmware loading, factory testing, project management, and onsite installation and testing, streamlining the deployment process efficiently.

Engineering and technology are in our DNA

Cannon Technologies, with its deep roots in engineering and technology, offers highly technical, efficient, and both standard and bespoke engineering services, enabling customers to enhance their performance while reducing costs. Boasting over 45 years of continuous development, the company maintains the flexibility to provide custom-designed products and infrastructure solutions tailored to each organization’s unique requirements. Their standard product solutions often reduce the need for extensive customization, positioning Cannon as a comprehensive partner for communications, transportation, and defense infrastructure projects.

Our services cover the entire lifecycle of mission-critical projects, including professional consultations, infrastructure solutions, and project management. From planning, building, and installation to integration and facilities management, Cannon offers a full spectrum of services. Additionally, our Service Team Installation (Care) provides expert advice and support in health and safety, traffic management, site installation, electrical connection, and final site testing and handover, ensuring a seamless and efficient project execution.

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