Cannon C-Type Outdoor Cabinet

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The “C-TYPE” range of cabinets are often the smaller, have less technical and modest thermal requirements. This range of cabinets are designed to house hardened/passive equipment which have a higher tolerance to temperature, dust and moisture.

As standard the cabinet’s interior is cooled by the use of natural convection and as such the internal air temperature will always be greater, between a Δt of 20/30°C above the external ambient air surrounding the cabinet. Fans can also be integrated to reduce the above Δt figure further.

The temperature increase is dependant on the internal active equipment and the heat being dissipating. High equipment temperatures can result in a reduction of up to 50% of their expected life therefore fans may need to be integrated.

As an aid to the natural convection of the cabinet’s air flow, vents are provided at both top and bottom of the cabinet, these are positioned discreetly under the roofs overhang and base of the door to avoid drawing attention to the would-be vandal.

Cannon C-Type Outdoor Cabinet

Features and Benefits

  • Single and multiple door access options secured with Stainless steel multi-point dead locking system and proven anti-vandal Stainless Steel hinge system
  • Fibre/Copper cable management, equipment support shelves and brackets available as standard options
  • Cable entry options available via base, roof, side panel
  • Modular construction & design to IP 54 to BS EN 60529:1992 (Ingress Protection)
  • Internal mounting to customers requirements
  • Painted to customers specific colour requirement
  • Full 5-stage cleaning and pre-treatment prior to receiving an 80-micron powder coating
  • Constructed from High Grade Pre-galvanised Sheet as standard
  • Installed using Direct bury in-ground root system with wall mount or base options including plinth & root
  • Secure multi-door access options providing access for Front, Rear or Sides.
  • Multiple or single mounting practise including DIN rail, 19”/ETSI rails, customer specific mounting options designing and engineered by Cannon.
  • Easy access, high volume door mounted filters provide the right amount of air volume for equipment cooling.
  • Single skin with optional insulated design.

Typical Application

Passive & low heat equipment and connectivity equipment protection.

Market Sector

FTTC, FTTP, Telecoms, WiFi, Mobile Communications

Protection Level

Usually IP54 (Up to IP65) Can be IP & EMC shielded along with potential for Seismic/Shock attenuated

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