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19 Inch Rack Cabinet Management and Monitoring System Hardware/Software DCM Data Centre Management, DCIM Data Centre Infrastructure Management, RMS Rack Management Software, BMS Building Management Software.

RACK MANAGEMENT AND MONITORING   “Wherever you find yourself, make sure that you have total control, total security”   Have you ever wanted to know who was the last person near those blade servers? Reboot a switch and lock off those unused PDU outlets? See who is accessing your cold aisle or IT rooms and data halls? To check how much server power has used this week? Securely open racks; to allow access remotely, record entry, use Biometric, RFID and PIN? To know whether cooling fans and room ACU is working correctly? Check the data hall climate, see the water cooling system status, adjust the aisle temperature?   Control access to your equipment and remotely monitor all this from anywhere on the globe with CannonGuard and Data Centre Manager from Cannon Technologies.   CannonGuard is a comprehensive suite of hardware that provides both local and remote control of every aspect of your rack cabinets or outside enclosures and data halls. The system integrates ‘plug and play’ modules which can be used standalone, or may be daisy chained together into a high security, resilient system with remote monitoring and control from multiple locations. The modules can be accessed by a standard web browser or Mobile device. All that’s required is a CannonGuard module and a web server that runs our powerful data centre manger software, installed anywhere on your LAN or WAN. We can also provide monitoring and support services from our head office if required.


  • A Remote rack/Aisle monitoring and management system.
  • A Simple & Scalable solution, one to thousands of cabinets and devices.
  • An Easy to use interface, Web browsers can be used to login to the system.
  • Multi-user roles and permissions, individual users can be given permissions to view and control specific module types and the roles they can perform e.g.
  • Building management can view the cooling performance of a water cooled cold aisle – but not see any power or access devices.
  • Local and remote audit trail, every action on the browser screen and at the racks is monitored and audited, every access event can be recorded with
  • CCTV, audit trails can be automatically archived to remote or local servers.
  • Automatic site monitoring & drill down:
  • Alarms from sites can be seen as groups of sites and the status viewed as a whole
  • Complete building power usage can be shown at the top level of a group.
  • Maximum/minimum temperatures and power are always shown.
  • A Simple point and click interface where any cabinet with a fault shows up red, you can then hover over the cabinet icon for further status information and then click on the device to investigate further.
  • Easy to set-up keypads and biometric access devices
  • SNMP viewer to monitor the last 1000 SNMP alarms from a master controller.
  • Master controllers monitor 249 devices on the modbus interface they control.
  • Quick CSV export of audits
  • Monitoring of A & B Total Power, Max temperature & Humidity, Row status.
  • CCTV can all be viewed on one screen, CCTV can be viewed on a 2nd monitor if desired.
  • Cannon Data Centre Manager is a Java Web server application, which can be self-installed on a web server or Cannon can assist or provide a 1U server configured to your requirements.
  For further details on Cannon Guard/DCM Software please contact the Cannon Sales Team.

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