Cannon Apparatus / LOC Cabinet


The Apparatus Cabinet, also known as a Location Case is rated at IP55 and is available in two sizes: full width (1064mm – as shown here) and half width (628mm). The larger (full width) cabinet has a pair of full height lockable doors front and rear whereas the smaller (half width) version has a single full height lockable door front and rear. Locking is achieved by fitting a customer supplied padlock to the heavy duty lever hasp/swing handle located centrally on the door.

The cabinet interior is ventilated by convection from the open base through slots positioned above the front and rear doors. The base is normally closed on site by the use expanding foam in the cable ducts plus the addition of horticultural water absorbing beads which assist in the extraction and drainage of condensation from inside the cabinet. These beads are considerably lighter to carry than pea shingle, if it is necessary to man-handle over any distance, e.g. along railway tracks.

The base of the cabinet is designed to match NR precast concrete blocks Nos.: BRS-SC 31 & 32.


  • PADS Approved
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be modified to suit customers specific requirements.

Cannon Apparatus / LOC Cabinet


  • Manufactured from 3mm thick Z600 Galvanised steel
  • Treated with a state-of-the-art eco-friendly 90 micron thick powder paint process which provides significant maintenance savings during the expected 30-year life span.
  • The Apparatus/Location case range carries network rail certificate numbers PA05/674, PA05/01919, PA05/01975 and link-up certificate number 73595.
  • Fully approved and designed in accordance with BRS-SM 431 and 440.
  • An internal heavy duty stainless steel framework for mounting signalling or other equipment is optional and available for both full and half widths.

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