Cannon S-Type Outdoor Cabinet


“S-TYPE” encompasses the range of enclosures designed for sensitive active equipment such as computer, communications, DVR, CCTV, surveillance equipment, switches, routers & telecoms etc.

In many cases this includes power rectification and battery back-up. The enclosures are normally multi chambered and enables the differing facilities to be separated for security/specific thermal requirements i.e. a separate battery chamber requiring lower operating temperature than active equipment chamber.

The S-TYPE outdoor cabinet provides multiple layer construction and offers a higher level of environmental management and alarm systems as the “A-TYP” cabinet.

Typically the cabinet will be environmentally controlled and managed by using either forced ambient air via fans or our optional full air conditioning, air-to-air heat exchangers or Peltier chiller device(s). Most have remote alarming and more customers are electing to use remote locking facilities to control third party access to the enclosure.

Features and Benefits

  • Up-to IP65 Environmental sealing
  • Can be totally sealed with no ventilation or change of air between outside ambient and internally circulating air
  • Double wall construction with insulation providing reduced risk of equipment failure due to rapid temperature changes
  • Fully climate controlled using radial fans, air-conditioning, thermo-electric or air to air heat exchangers
  • Climate control systems available in either AC or DC power
  • Modular design and manufacturing techniques allow for customer specific features.
  • Manufactured in various sizes and customer specifications
  • Internal fixtures/mounting available to customer request
  • Heat load management from 500W to 7Kw with higher heat load cooling achieved with additional external resources.
  • Facility for temperature controlled and fully insulated battery accommodation
  • Optional separate fully insulated thermal chamber option for equipment operating at different ranges of functional temperature
  • Optional thermal chamber attached via thermal barrier supports to outer body shell
  • Approvals for EMC & Seismic directives available
  • Doors seal integrity provided by using an optional dual seal technology (IP65 only)
  • Cabinet can be configured with both AC and DC power requirements
  • Customised cable entry gland system offered
  • Doors secured with a Stainless steel multi-point dead locking system
  • Painted to customers precise colour requirements
  • Full multi-stage cleaning and pre-treatment prior to the application of an 90 micron powder coating
  • Manufactured from “Heavy gauge” galvanized material, stainless steel or aluminium providing a 25-year life expectancy
  • Can be installed using “Transformer Root”, “In-Ground-Root” mounting system or secured to either a plinth, platform or concrete pad.
  • Includes many anti-vandal resistant features within the construction
  • Optional in-built weather shields or separate awnings/canopies
  • Remotely activated electronic locks available
  • Detachable lifting/transport lugs

Typical Application

Active equipment requiring cooling such  as computer, communications, DVR, CCTV, surveillance equipment, switches, routers & telecoms etc.

Market Sector

Communications, Telecoms, Transportation, Security & Defence

Protection Levels

Usually IP55 (Up to IP65)

Can be IP & EMC shielded along with potential for Seismic/Shock attenuated

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