Cannon IP65 GSM-R/TEH/FTN Cabinet

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Cannon Technologies S102800 / S104800 / S106800 cabinets have been designed to house communications, server, electrical and electronic equipment for use in communications, transportation and rail infrastructure projects including GSMR, FTN, TEC, SISS, CIS, CCTV, communications, Networking etc.

The IP65 Enclosure has been based on the principals defined in RT/E/PS/00028 Network Rail Product Specification. The main Trackside equipment housing incorporates an equipment chamber and a separate battery chamber independently accessible.


The Trackside Equipment Housing consists of three separate chambers:
  • Active electronic equipment chamber, accessed through two abutting front doors
  • Battery chamber accessed through a single door on the left-hand front of the Trackside equipment Housing
  • Electrical Services chamber accessed through a single door positioned within the left-hand end panel of the Trackside equipment Housing
  • The active electronic equipment chamber (referred to as a Thermal Chamber) has:
  • Seals from both environmental and electrical interference (EMC shielding)
  • Air-to-air heat exchanger housed within the pair of front access doors
  • Two dual skinned doors, which enclose and support baffles, fans, etc.
  • Suitable door stays provided for each door
  • Protection from external shock and vibration has been provided to the thermal chamber by it being mounted on heavy-duty rubber shock mounts
  • Optional 550-watt 50-Hz fan heater


  • PADS Approved
  • Proven in the field with over a decade of use within Network Rail's infrastructure
  • IP65 rating test by an independant test house
  • EMC protection to BS EN 50121 and RT/E/S/30003
  • Climate control to ETS 300 019-1-3 Class 3.1
  • External Ambient temperature range -20 degress C to + 35 degress C plus the effect of solar heat gain

Cannon IP65 GSM-R/TEH/FTN Cabinet

The battery chamber (S102800/S104800 only) has:
  • One dual skinned door which:
    • Encloses and supports a filter
    • Opens 180º, to allow two-man battery access
    • Is fitted with a suitable door stay
  • An insulated inner battery compartment containing four telescopic shelves. Each shelf houses 4-off batteries
  • An insulated hinged door with lift-off hinge facilities covering and sealing the battery housing
  • An IP55 hydrogen gas exhaust vent. This will be positioned at a high point in the rear of battery chamber and vent directly to atmosphere
  • An IP55 air inlet vent will be positioned near the bottom of the battery chamber to balance the effect of the gas exhaust vent
  • A 48-volt DC Peltier Solid State Chiller / Heater system with fans for maximum air circulation (for further energy efficiency it is possible to consider forced ambient air fan and separate heater).
  • Space above battery compartment for fan to circulate forced air through inlet air filter or over the Peltier heat sink.
  • Lockable hatch for a generator socket and cable entry located in the bottom left-hand corner of the Electrical Chamber door.

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