Quick-Fit chassis support angles



Cannon Quick-Fit chassis support angles simply hook into the depth facing flanges of the 19-inch equipment mounting posts in Cannon cabinets. They are safety locked into position by a pair of Cannon Quick-Fit buttons in corresponding cut-outs.

These Quick-Fit chassis support angles have been designed such that the equipment surface on each runner coincides with the ‘U’  pitch lines on the mounting posts.  A series of vertical slots have been incorporated in the vertical face of each Quick-Fit chassis support angle for cable lacing purposes, a useful alternative to cable trays if space is at a premium.

Cannon Quick-Fit chassis angles are available in four depths, which can be matched with any Cannon shelf of the same nominal depth.


Quick-Fit chassis support angles

Finish: Standard: Powder painted Velvet Black to RAL 9005 or  Chameleon (Grey White) to RAL 9002. Additional colours available on request. Supplied: In pairs with four Cannon Quick-Fit buttons. Load rating: 30kg max (evenly distributed). Quick-Fit Chassis Support Angles will provide support for heavy equipment or have no 19-inch panel mount ears, leaving vertical airflow paths clear for vertically cooled equipment.

Order Codes

250mm 713C02002500
350mm 713C02003500
450mm 713C02004500
550mm 713C02005500
600mm 713C02006000
750mm 713C02007500

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