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Cannon unique Smart Doors are removable and lockable. Equipped with sprung hinges for easy removal with hinging to the left as standard or right-hand side of the cabinet on request.

Door opening 180° when bayed and 270° opening as stand alone or when at end of a bay. Cannon SMARTNET doors will allow personnel to exit past a cabinet in any direction at front, side or rear, with no obstruction and with minimal danger of snagging loose clothing. These requirements are critical, particularly in an emergency i.e. in smoke filled rooms, even with wide gangways.

Cannon Cabinet Door Options

  • Standard: Powder painted Velvet Black to RAL 9005 or Grey White to RAL 9002.
  • Other colours available on request.
  For further details please contact the Cannon Sales Team.

Order Codes

Height Vented Frame Glass Rear Door Vented Frame Steel Rear Door Maxi Vent Perforated Rear Door Maxi Vent Plus Curved Perforated Rear Door Smart Vertically Split Maxi Vent Perforated Doors* Smart Vertically Split Plain Steel Doors* *Split Door Lock Rod Kit including swing handle & standard barrel
Part Code Part Code Part Code Part Code Part Code Part Code Part Code
600mm Wide
25U 235B85600025 235B65600025 235B95600025 715B90600025 265B90600025 265B60600025 LC265-1-6025
27U 235B85600027 235B65600027 235B95600027 715B90600027 265B90600027 265B60600027 LC265-1-6027
33U 235B85600033 235B65600033 235B95600033 715B90600033 265B90600033 265B60600033 LC265-1-6033
42U 235B85600042 235B65600042 235B95600042 715B90600042 265B90600042 265B60600042 LC265-1-6042
45U 235B85600045 235B65600045 235B95600045 715B90600045 265B90600045 265B60600045 LC265-1-6045
47U 235B85600047 235B65600047 235B95600047 715B90600047 265B90600047 265B60600047 LC265-1-6047
800mm Wide
25U 235B85800042 235B65800025 235B95800025 715B90800025 265B90800025 265B60800025 LC265-1-8025
27U 235B85800047 235B65800027 235B95800027 715B90800027 265B90800027 265B60800027 LC265-1-8027
33U 235B85800042 235B65800033 235B95800033 715B90800033 265B90800033 265B60800033 LC265-1-8033
42U 235B85800047 235B65800042 235B95800042 715B90800042 265B90800042 265B60800042 LC265-1-8042
45U 235B85800042 235B65800045 235B95800045 715B90800045 265B90800045 265B60800045 LC265-1-8045
47U 235B85800047 235B65800047 235B95800047 715B90800047 265B90800047 265B60800047 LC265-1-8047
  Please note that 1000mm & 1200mm deep cabinets will come with perforated front and rear doors, all other cabinets will have a vented frame glass door (front) and a vented frame steel door (rear).

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