Quick-Fit Fixed Shelves



No fixings are needed for Cannon Quick-Fit shelves. They can be fitted and moved within the Cannon cabinet in a matter of seconds. They accommodate the same weight as traditional shelves and do not require the extensive fitting time that is commonly required.

Quick-Fit Fixed Shelves (Patented)

Cannon Quick-Fit Fixed Shelves: One edge hinged relative to the main body of the shelf. Operation of this patented feature  with its integral lock, allows fast installation and can be re-configured by unskilled personnel.

These shelves have pre-formed lugs which fit into Cannon standard cut-outs in the depth facing flanges of the 19-inch equipment mounting posts.

The front to back fixing centres of mounting posts on Cannon  cabinets is common for all Cannon shelves in each nominal  depth, this allows for Quick-Fit and traditional shelves to be mixed as required.


Quick-Fit Fixed Shelves

Quick-Fit Shelves are pre-punched with ventilation slots. Finish: Standard: Powder painted Velvet Black to RAL 9005 or  Grey White to RAL 9002. Other colours available on request. Load rating: 50kg max (evenly distributed).

Order Codes

350mm 336mm 765B00603500
450mm 436mm 765B00604500
550mm 536mm 765B00605500
600mm 586mm 765B00606000
670mm 661mm 765B00606701
700mm 686mm 765B00607000
770mm 761mm 765B00607701
800mm 786mm 765B00608000

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