Micro EDGE IOT Data Centre



Where cabinets are to be arranged in rows, as in a single row data centre or network core, the Cannon Cool units maybe mounted between them.  This allows the system to share the cooling along the row without the need for an aisle containment system.

The cabinets must be 42U or taller and be at least 1200mm deep for an in-row cooling solution.

300mm mid row (200mm end row) cooling units have a maximum capacity of 30kw with water coils and 25kw with DX units. (optional 600mm 50-90 kW water cooled version). Additional side mount cooling units may also be installed on the row ends to increase both capacity and resilience.

The layout examples below have a total capacity of 60kw across the four cabinets, with two off WIRC 30kw water cooled units giving a total load of up-to 25kw in each cabinet. (50kw sensible)

Two off end of row units could be added, then 120kw of cooling is available, giving 30kw* per cabinet, or 22.5kw* with n+1 redundancy.

*These are total cooling values.


  • Rows may be extended easily by adding more cooling units and cabinets as and when required.
  • These data centre ‘PODS’ may be used within any space or inside a traditional data centre, if required, with no impact upon the existing cabinets or cooling infrastructure. Quick to deploy and simple to configure.
  • As ‘Stand Alone’ units they offer huge amounts of processing or networking in a small footprint.
  • Particularly suitable for SAN, CCTV, Card Services, Network cores and High Density computing.
  • Also available in external weatherproof cabinets for CCTV, Broadcast, Traffic, Rail, Telecoms/Cellular etc.
  • Extreme security versions available


WIRC cooling air from the Cannon Cool Singular & Multi cab* mid row air handling units is shared along a common front air chamber (plenum).

Micro EDGE IOT Data Centre

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Order Codes

42 800 (600 + 200) / 1200 MIDC42601230KWLH 30kW Water 600W Cab with WIRC to Left Hand
42 1000 (800 + 200) / 1200 MIDC42801230KWLH 30kW Water 800W Cab with WIRC to Left Hand
42 1000 (800+200) / 1200 MIDC42801225KWDX 25kW DX 800W Cab with WIRC to Left Hand
42 1000 (800 + 200) / 1200 MIDC42201230KW     30kW Water Solo WIRC Unit Only – Add Cab below*
42 1000 (800 + 200) / 1200 MIDC42201225KWDX 25kW DX Solo WIRC Unit – Add Cab below*
42 1100 (800 + 300) / 1200 MIDC42301230KW     30kW Water Multi-cab possible*
42 1100 (800 + 300) / 1200 MIDC42301230KWDX 25kW DX Multi-cab possible*
42 800 / 1200 MIDC428012000101 - Additional cab only for above*
42 800 / 1200 MIDC428012302101 - Additional cab only for above* including split  (wardrobe)front door
42 600 / 1200 MIDC426012 - Additional cab only for above*
42 1200 / 1400 MIDC42121450KWDX 50kW DX **800W Cab with WIRC to LH & RH sides
42 800 / 1400 MIDC428014000101 - Additional cab only for above**

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Micro EDGE IOT Data Centre

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