Cannon Smart Patch Pro

A HDPF “High Density Patching Frame” with exceptional cable capacity. Ideal for both back bone active/passive equipment and structured cabling and cabling products.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully assembled steel construction
  • Every ‘U’ space can be filled, no need for intermediate cable rings within the ‘U’ positions
  • Cable management fingers at each ‘U’ height on both sides of patching field, providing quick and stress-free patch cord management. Additional quick fit cable rings to assist with cable support, routing and containment
  • Individual free standing single patching frame or quickly bayed in multiples and back to back with bolt down features in base
  • Upper and lower cable troughs for cable routing and separation
  • Optional cover panels and front smart door kits of split wardrobe type opening 180°
  • No sharp edges or tight bends so cables are protected

*Try “Cannon Wrap” for quick and easy cable tie. Soft on critical high speed cable. Re-enterable and versatile. (Part no. CA161).

Cannon Smart Patch Pro

  • 33U, 36U, 42U, 45U, 47U, & 54U Usable Patching Field
  • Available in two footprints; 800 wide x 450 deep and 800 wide x 600 deep
  • 1U cable fingers at every “U”, up each side of patching field
  • Optional cable rings in vertical cable ways for enhanced containment (choice of orientation)
  • Large apertures in base and top for easy entry of bulk cables
  • Options for rear cable tray configuration
  • Quick loop feature on all rear cable tray to speed cable installation
  • Optional front cover panels for patching field and vertical cable ways
  • Optional wardrobe smart door kits for additional security and conformity
  • Delivered on transit castors for ease of logistics
  • Earth points
  • Standard: Powder painted Velvet Black to RAL 9005 or Chameleon (Grey White) to RAL 9002.
  • Other colours available on request.

Order Codes

Order Codes - High Density Patching Frame
Height U Width mm Depth mm Part No. Order Code
33 800 450 CABP338045000110
33 800 600 CABP338060000110
36 800 450 CABP368045000110
36 800 450 CABP368060000110
42 800 450 CABP428045000110
42 800 600 CABP428060000110
45 800 450 CABP458045000110
45 800 600 CABP458060000110
47 800 450 CABP478045000110
47 800 600 CABP478060000110
54 800 450 CABP548045000110
54 800 600 CABP548060000110

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