Cannon Smart Co-locate cab

SMART CO-LOCATE cabinet maximizes the available floor space by enabling multiple hosting of IT equipment in one cabinet footprint – saving cost.



  • Highly secure with total separation of individual client cells with through protected wiring trunking available
  • High heat loads are cooled by a range of optional fan configurations, with temperature control modules, remote monitoring and alarms
  • Individual customer cells can have independently adjustable 19 inch mounting posts for variable depth equipment within any cell if required
  • Reconfigurable structure allows individual door heights and corresponding cell heights to be easily changed at any time
  • The server friendly design provides exceptionally versatile cable management, equipment mounting and cooling with robust capability
  • Plain security divider panel fitted between each cell
  • Security is of the highest order, enhanced with available upgrades for locks and surveillance
  • Cannon is able to supply individually paired locks for security. Cabinets may for example have 4 separate locking compartments with alternative key numbers available
  • Cannon electronic locking systems are available for keypad or remote activation with optional alarms
  • Full environmental control options are available with remote control and management (see DCM)
  • Full power management, with standard and Intelligent PDU’s available upon request.
  • A high tech and elegant co-locate system to provide a total solution for today and the future
  • Mountable on Cannon RAFt System for raised floor installation to remove the need for tile cutting
  • Will integrate with Cannon overhead Cable-raceway for simplifying overhead cabling
  • Extensive roof cable entry gland positions
  • Can be easily re-configured to alternative cell  numbers by purchasing alternative door sets.
  • Cabinets fitted with Secure Cable Trunking
  • Highly secure with total separation of individual client cells with through protected wiring trunking available
  • Vented framed steel doors or glass doors
  • Vertically split wardrobe doors
  • Quick Change zero-U, roof mounted fan unit: 2, 4 or 6 Fans Power Distribution Units
  • RAFt and Raceway compatible AIR-LOKK options
  • CannonGuard upgrades available: remote system management/remote access control/high capacity cooling and remote environmental control/remote power management/local condition monitoring
  • See Cannon DCiM brochure

Cannon Smart Co-locate cab

  • Two heights: 42U and 47U
  • Two widths: 600mm and 800mm
  • Three depths: 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm & 1200mm
  • Available in 2, 3 or 4 cell compartments
  • Infinitely adjustable 19-inch mounting posts allowing universal equipment mounting
  • Plain (non-vented) security divider panel fitted between each cell
  • Two drop-in ribbed and lockable secure side panels
  • MaxiVent perforated doors front and rear, supplied with swing-handle key locks.
  • Each cell has different lock/key number
  • All doors open 180° when bayed and 270° at end of bay or when stand-alone
  • Quick-release hinges on all doors
  • Maximum cable access through base with the option to bank or fit with brush seal as required
  • Four transit castors fitted as standard
  • Secure Cable Trunking included as standard
  • Multiple moulded finger cable entry glands in roof
  TECHNICAL INFORMATION Manufactured (where applicable) to BS.EN60950 2002, IEC 60297, EIA-310-D, UL94V0 Load rating: 1000kg static (sited directly on  floor)   FINISH Standard: Powder painted Velvet Black to RAL 9005 or  Chameleon (Grey White) to RAL 9002. Other colours available on request.

Order Codes

2 Cell Compartment
Height Width Depth Part No.
U mm mm Order Code
42 600 800 COL2426080
900 COL2426090
1000 COL2426099
1200 COL2426012
42 800 800 COL2428080
900 COL2428090
1000 COL2428099
1200 COL2428012
47 600 800 COL2476080
900 COL2476090
1000 COL2476099
1200 COL2476012
47 800 800 COL2478080
900 COL2478090
1000 COL2478099
1200 COL2478012
3 Cell Compartment
Height Width Depth Part No.
U mm mm Order Code
42 600 800 COL3426080
900 COL3426090
1000 COL3426099
1200 COL3426012
42 800 800 COL3428080
900 COL3428090
1000 COL3428099
1200 COL3428012
47 600 800 COL3476080
900 COL3476090
1000 COL3476099
1200 COL3476012
47 800 800 COL3478080
900 COL3478090
1000 COL3478099
1200 COL3478012
4 Cell Compartment
Height Width Depth Part No.
U mm mm Order Code
42 600 800 COL4426080
900 COL4426090
1000 COL4426099
1200 COL4426012
42 800 800 COL4428080
900 COL4428090
1000 COL4428099
1200 COL4428012
47 600 800 COL4476080
900 COL4476090
1000 COL4476099
1200 COL4476012
47 800 800 COL4478080
900 COL4478090
1000 COL4478099
1200 COL4478012

Other cell configurations available upon request

Description Part No.
Earth Bonding Kit for 2 Cell Cabinet KP0223-2
Earth Bonding Kit for 3 Cell Cabinet KP0223-3
Earth Bonding Kit for 4 Cell Cabinet KP0223-4

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