Cannon Electronic Lock




  • Electronic Lock with or without integrated Keypad and LCD ‘walk by’ display:
  • Swing handle set in stylish escutcheon with electronic keypad entry and mechanical key override
  • Cool blue LCD readout shows:- Cabinet Location Temperature and Power used inside the cabinet Large, robust, ‘touch’ Keypad

Available in stand alone, dual and networked versions:

Single Keypad / dual lock:

One Keypad/Lock and one rear door ‘E’ lock kit.

Dual Keypad / dual lock:

Two Keypad/locks and cables to suit 2 doors.

  • Both include PSU, cables, switches, connectors and brackets to convert a cabinet to an electronically locked one.

For remote unlocking/Network version contact Cannon Technologies


  • Swing handle with remote electronic lock operation with or without key override.
  • Allows the use of 3rd party lock controllers with the Cannon ‘E’ Swing handle.
  • Includes door and handle switches and all cables/connectors to convert one door.


Remote locking of the electronic swing handle locks, with or without keypads for local access, is available as part of the CannonSecure suite of modules.

The multi-function keypad allows Security Access Control as well as Environmental and Power Monitoring.

CannonSecure provides real-time Monitoring and Management for access control, allowing or denying entry to any door and the setting of entry codes locally or remotely via the Cannon- View software.

All locking options are available as single or 3-point locking.

Contact Cannon Technologies for more detailed information

Biometric and RFID  options available,  please contact the CANNON Sales Team for details

Electronic Lock with Keypad

Keypad display shows cabinet location  and temperature, Pressing a (F) function  key shows: Water/Cabinet temperatures,  Power displays or allows the entering of  unlocking Keycodes. After a preset 'timeout' the display  reverts to location and temperature.

Cannon Electronic Lock

For further details please contact the Cannon Sales Team.

Order Codes

Single Keypad, dual lock kit Front Keypad with swing handle and rear slave swing handle lock, PSU, door switch and cabling 405E-ELOC-01
Double Keypad, dual lock kit Front & Rear Keypad with swing handle PSU, door switch and cabling 405E-ELOC-02
Electronic lock kit, Stand alone “E” Lock, door switch, connectors and cabling to convert 1 door 405E-ELOC-0S

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