Quick-Fit 2U Modem (Cantilever) Shelves



No fixings are needed for Cannon Quick-Fit shelves. They can be fitted and moved within the Cannon cabinet in a matter of seconds. They accommodate the same weight as traditional shelves and do not require the extensive fitting time that is commonly required.

Quick-Fit 2U Modem (Cantilever) Shelves

Cannon QuickFit 2U & 3U Modem Shelves are fitted without cage  nuts, screws or cup washers.They are assembled to the  cabinet 19-inch equipment mounting posts by the novel use  of pre-formed hooks and 1/8 turn Cannon Quick-Fit  Buttons.

They can be assembled or re-located in seconds by unskilled  labour without the need for specialist tools or screwdrivers.

These shelves occupy 2U OR 3U of front panel space and are  available in the same range of depths as the more traditional  screw-fixed Cannon Modem Shelves.


Quick-Fit 2U Modem (Cantilever) Shelves

Finish: Standard: Powder painted Velvet Black to RAL 9005 or  Chameleon (Grey White) to RAL 9002. Other colours available on request. Supplied: Complete with two Cannon Quick-Fit Buttons. Load rating: 15kg max (evenly distributed).

Order Codes

2U 255mm 701C02602500
2U 350mm 701C02603500
2U 400mm 701C02604000
2U 500mm 701C02605000
3U 450mm 701C03604500

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