Cannon Combi-Lok



  • The Cannon COMBi-LOK provides selectable mechanical push-button code entry with unique key over-ride.
  • The COMBi-LOK enables each client to have controlled access to specific enclosures, maintaining maximum integrity and security.
  • Entry codes can consist of 1 to 10 digits, inserted in any order.
  • Changing the entry code can either be completed by inserting the existing code, turning the lock to RESET, cancelling the existing code and re-entering a new code, or by over-riding the lock with a security Master Key** and then inserting the new code.

**Cannon Combi-Lok master key is not included with the lock, so  if a master key is required please order the key separately



  • The COMBi-LOK Master Key facility allows the re-setting of forgotten codes as well as emergency access for Data Centre management

Cannon Combi-Lok

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Order Codes

Combi-Lok COMBI-LOK-1B
Cannon Combi-Lok Master Key** COMBI-KEY-B
Combi-Lok (each) for a Smart Vertically Split Door*** LC265-2-Width of Cabinet & U Height i.e. LC265-2-8042 for a 800mm wide & 42U Height Cabinet

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