The Floor Brush Gland/Grommet offers dramatic performance enhancements

  • A unique concept that improves on the inadequacies in old fashioned floor grommets
  • Simple to Retro-fit
  • Surface or under tile mount fitting
  • Drop in “All-in-One” Cable Management & Air-Blocking System
  • Power/Data Partition (optional extra)
  • Quick Fit removable Brush to ease access

Features and Benefits

  • The brush is Quick-Fit, Quick-Release removable allowing access through the gland, to under floor
  • The brush is mounted on a central bar  so that the tips of the brush rest on the sides of the gland where the brush is not heavily distorted by cables
  • (Cables do not pass through the root of the brush where poor distortion will occur)
  • This patented orientation of the brush dramatically improves air blockage and supports the brush droop over time
  • Bend radii and cable tie points avoid corrupted data and simplify installation
  • One gland can be either "surface mounted or drop in" (into the cut out in the tile) or retro-fit around pre-installed cables reducing the range of glands required

Unique Brush Gland

The Cannon brush gland is pre-stressed to resist air  pressure.The patented system provides firm  support to both ends of the brush; the brush tips press down onto the radiused sides of the  grommet, acting like leaf springs.This imparts  greater resistance to air pressure. For further information please download the Floor Gland/Grommet PDF below; or the Cannon Air Management Solutions PDF which features the Floor Gland/Grommet.


Cold air pressure should not lift the brush strip seal and escape through the gland
    • Hot air should not be drawn downwards, below the tile and into the cold air flow
    • Two issues are of significant importance to  separate Cold and Hot Air via any grommet
  • Note: IPACK 2001-15728ASME advises that  grommet/tiles near the CRAC unit often  experience negative air flow from inside the rack,  pulling hot air down into the cold air stream.
  • BRUSHGLAND grommets have been laboratory tested and brushes did not lift or flap until an air pressure of 1500 pascals (0.44″ water gauge) was reached. Underfloor static pressure is commonly 6 pascals (0.025″ water gauge).
  • BRUSHGLAND grommets substantially exceed the common static pressure with a high safety factor.

Order Codes

Order Codes
Description Part Code
BRUSHGLAND  Assembly NR178
 Power/ Data Partition NR178-5

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