CANNON Technologies Receives JOSCAR Registration Mark

Cannon has received the JOSCAR registration mark. The mark is valued by some of the largest purchasers in the defense community and indicates that the organisation has gone through the process required to demonstrate its commitment and credentials to the industry.

JOSCAR (the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) is a collaborative tool, founded by Hellios Information Ltd., used by the aerospace, defense, and security industry to act as a single repository for pre-qualification and compliance information.

Cannon Technical Sales & Marketing Director Glenn Conlon comments; “This seal of approval should provide extra confidence in Cannon Technologies and the product and service we can offer for our current and future clients. The desire for continual improvement runs deep, through the core of our business, and helps us to achieve distinguished approvals like this.”

JOSCAR is a collaborative tool used by the aerospace, defence and security industry to act as a single repository for pre-qualification and compliance information. Using JOSCAR can determine if a supplier is “fit for business”.

Benefits for buyers

      Comprehensive, accurate and regular updated insight into third party risk.
      Thousands of third parties in a single, searchable, reportable and easily accessible system
      Instant access to third party information, reducing the time needed to qualify new suppliers or renew contracts.
      We check all third party information in accordance with a consistent, objective and continually updated process
      Costs are shared amongst community members, significantly reducing the cost of an in-house solution
      Access to the combined experience and resources of other members in the community with shared goals and challenge

JOSCAR-Certificate-Cannon-Technologies-Limited can be downloaded via this link

For more information please contact:

Cannon Technologies

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Award from Uptime Institute for our Tier III ready Modular Data Centre

Uptime Institute Professional Services have recently awarded Tier III Ready status for the Cannon Modular Data Centre 100-kW Range with further awards for the 250kw, 500kw and 1MW MDC’S expected later this year.

Cannon Technical Sales & Marketing Director Glenn Conlon comments; Cannon are excited to be awarded our first of 4 Tier III ready Modular DC designs. This award will accelerate our clients own Tier III certification, will reduce the costs and fast-track their time to market.

Tier III: is described as CONCURRENTLY MAINTAINABLE and ensures that ANY component can be taken out of service without affecting production.

This award provides our customer with fact-based evidence that their final build will more easily obtain their final Tier Certification by utilising the Cannon MDC range of product, this will:

  • REDUCE time to market
  • REDUCE design & engineering costs
  • REDUCE cost and risks associated with alternative options
  • SUPPORT applications for final Tier Certification

Cannon have developed a repeatable modular data centre product design composed of an initial 64.46m2 build supporting 16 IT racks with a capacity of up to 6kW per rack. IT Load cooled using energy efficient direct expansion (DX) chillers and with-in-row (WIRC) air handling units.  The 100-kW Granular Modular Data Center supports an IT load of 93.25 kilowatts (kw) for a data centre design that could fulfil the requirements needed to meet the Tier III standard.

Critical IT spaces within the design include a main data aisle inclusive of network racks and supporting mechanical and electrical (M&E) capacity components.  The design is based on a three phase, 380-volt (V), 50-hetz (Hz) power input.

The data centre module will be supported by two engine generators, each generator having a belly storage tank which provides on-site fuel storage.  Power to the IT load in the module will be supported by 2N uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units located in the data centre module.  Electrical distribution from the UPS to IT load is configured using A and B distribution through redundant cable and wiring located above the IT racks.

Cannon Modular Data Centres Are Flexible and Scalable

A modular data centre offers unparalleled flexibility. You can ship your data centre anywhere in the world for addition, integration, or retrofitting into your existing data centre footprint. You can also combine modular data centres into a single system. These data centres are characterized by a variety of cooling and power options, meaning there will be something to match your particular business requirements. The mobility of a modular data centre allows you to use it in remote locations or makeshift locations.

Why Modular Data Centres Help You Stay Compliant

The data centre is considered one unit (rather than several discrete systems). This means cost benefits and convenience.

Modular Data Centre High Density and Low PUE (Power Use Effectiveness)

The data centre comes complete with network connections, storage, servers, power lines, monitoring units, fire detection units, software, security, a cooling facility and everything else you would expect from a modern data centre. Not having to buy these components/systems one by one means you will save money, because the plug-and-play units require minimal expertise, meaning you do not need a large in-house technical team for the job. You save money from reduced space utilization, keeping in mind real estate cost is a major cost to businesses today, and this means reduced cooling costs. You also save money from the lower installation costs and the lower relocation costs.

How Modular Data Centres Keep Deployment Times Low

The low deployment time of modular data centres is a big advantage to businesses in competitive industries. It only takes a few weeks to install a modular data centre since all components are standardized and you ship it in a tested/assembled unit.

How Compatible Are Modular Data Centres?

You are unlikely to have compatibility issues since you get all components from one vendor. This compatibility also means better interworking, which means better results. Some of our data centres come with pre-loaded application/virtualization software. The compatibility also means you can use a unified monitoring tool, if this feature is supported by the vendor.

Commissioning a Modular Data Centre

Commissioning a modular data centre is much easier than commissioning a traditional data centre. FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) before deployment gives you greater confidence in your data centre since you will know it is working before you deploy it.

For more information please contact:

Cannon Technologies

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Cannon Network Switch & Patching Cabinet SMART Range

A network switch cabinet is designed to hold and protect your network switch equipment enabling you to create or expand your Ethernet network between your computers. These can be used for the storage of routers, patch panels, switches and a variety of networking equipment and accessories.

Network switch cabinets are designed as a smaller unit compared to server rack cabinets as they are required to hold less equipment. Our range of network switch cabinets are an enclosed unit that helps protect the equipment inside them from particles and external matter. Generally, network switch cabinets do not contain perforated or vented panels as the equipment held inside them is not prone to overheating like server equipment and fan units are not required.

Cannon Range of Wall Mount with 19″ rack mounts shown above.

With below images showing the option to retrofit KP027x Castor/Rear Panel Door – A Perfect solution to switch Cannon Wall Mount  into a Mini Floor Standing 19″ rack 


There are various network switch cabinets available as each business may have differing requirements for their equipment and the location that is stored in may require a different solution. This why we offer a range of options which includes our wall mountable cabinets.

Our wall mountable cabinets are designed to be a compact but secure solution where floor mounting solutions are inappropriate as the floor needs to be kept clear. The wall-mounted cabinets offer a range of options including fixed sides, removable sides and hinged sides to meet the location and access needs to your equipment. These wall mounted units are 600mm wide, 400mm to 600mm deep and come in a choice of six different heights ranging from 375mm to 1,042mm. Each of the wall-mounted units has two fixed side panels and two fixed 10-inch mounting posts. We offer a choice of front door options which include acrylic glass, steel or maxi-vent mesh which are supplied with a cylinder lock. We offer a range of option and upgrades on these products including adding shelves, Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and a choice of colour.

We also offer a range of IP Rated products which includes a wall-mounted box that offers a high degree of protection against water and particle invasion. The ABACUS PRO IP66 Rated Wall Mounted Boxes are stylishly finished in Light Grey RAL7035 with other colour options are available on request. Wall mounted boxes are created from a robust steel construction that have two fixed side panels, front 19-inch mounting posts and a removable gland plate.


Above images shows ABACUS PRO IP66 Wall Mount with 19″ rack mounts


The IP55 ABACUS PRO cabinets also feature either a plain steel or steel-framed glass front door complete with a lever lock. As with all of our range we offer a range of accessories that can customise your cabinet to meet your exact needs.


Above images show ABACUS PRO IP55 Cabinet Enclosure 19″ rack mounts and either plain steel or glazed doors.

Our range of network switch cabinets have been designed with practicalities in mind which is why we have made them flexible and versatile cabinets that can be tailored to meet your needs. These practical cabinets are attractively designed as they are often found in more public or employee facing areas and therefore we understand that having an attractive cabinet can be just as important as their practicalities.

Take a look at our range of network switch cabinets or get in touch by calling 01425 632600 or email

All New Modular Data Centre Leasing Service

Cannon Technologies is now leasing its Globe Trotter transportable Modular Data Centre range, allowing organisations to use the Globe Trotter range for their short- or medium-term needs.

This dynamic move ensures organisations’ budgets are used efficiently, and technical needs will be met flexibly, as payments will be made on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

With a minimum one-year lease period, this new service will allow businesses a temporary solution during a period where facilities need to be moved from one location to another. Alternatively, this service can also be used by businesses which are looking for an improvement to a current set-up but need time to commit to a permanent solution.

Cannon Technologies’ MD, Matthew Goulding states:

‘This unique data centre leasing offering is the latest addition to our extensive modular data centre product and service portfolio, and one that will be invaluable to those looking for a flexible and cost-effective solution to their capacity needs.’

The Globe Trotter Modular Data Centre range is your flexible friend. It comprises the smaller-scaled transportable Data Centers. They are scalable, compact and provide the efficiency, support and sustainability that your business needs.

Goulding adds:

‘The Globe Trotter range offers the most resilient transportable modular data centre options available today and is proven to provide unrivalled levels of performance, scalability and functionality, in all kinds of environments.’

For more information on leasing Cannon Technologies’ Globe Trotter Modular Data Centre range, click here.

Alternatively get in touch with us via our contact form or call our sales team on 01425 632600

Background Information

Established over 40 years ago, Cannon Technologies specialise in the design, manufacture and delivery of Micro to Multi Megawatt Data Centres for Core to Edge facilities around the world. Cannon is viewed by its peers as a global leader and is a multiple award winner with successful projects, delivered to; Financial, Data Centre, Transportation, Industrial, Government and Military sectors.

Today, Cannon Technologies is a world leader and known for its’ high level of investment in R&D product development.