Hot Air Exhaust Containment Chimney For 19-inch Rack Cabinet to house server, data, and electronic communications equipment

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  • Hot exhaust air can be contained through the use of a CANNON vertical chimney.
  • Hot exhaust air from one or a row of racks can be efficiently ducted to the room ceiling plenum/CRAC or external environment, without affecting aisle temperatures.
  • The CANNON Passive Chimney enables the “IT” equipment fans to provide air pressure/movement through the chimney.
  • To increase air pressure (positive or negative)/flow, The Active CANNON Chimney includes fan units to provide forced air flow.
  • CANNON temperature and speed controlled fan trays are also available for Smart Air Management.
  • CANNON Chimneys include adjustable telescopic designs for indeterminate installation heights or single piece construction for known ceiling heights.

Order Codes

P/N Example: CHIM-(HEIGHT)(WIDTH)(DEPTH) would be CHIM-604040 (600mm x 400mm x 400mm)

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