Cannon TechniCabin Outdoor Cabinet

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The Cannon TechniCabinis a cost effective alternative to employing large cabins when housing a limited amount of rack mounted 19”, ETSI or other protocol equipment in stand-alone indoor-type racks or cabinets for telecom, data transfer or similar applications. The walk-in enclosure can be composed of a single-skin or double skin construction, with or without thermal insulation, depending on the environment required for the equipment.

Alternatively they are of a bespoke design incorporating fixed equipment posts and other equipment configured as required.

Generally, these cabinets house equipment requiring some form of environmental control, which can be combined with access control and monitoring, using the highly versatile state-of-the-art CannonGuard System.

The TechniCabin incorporates a revolutionary approach to the free air cooling of large cabinets dissipating high heat loads. Typically used for the housing of factory pre-configured racks dissipating heat loads in excess of 8-k-watts normally housed within the confines of a cabin. The dual skinned thermally insulated design ensures elimination of most of the effects caused by the addition of solar gain.

Cannon TechniCabin Outdoor Cabinet

Features and Benefits

  • Ingress Protection generally to IP 55 to BS EN 60529:1992
  • Incorporates Cannon’s Free-air cooling system for energy efficient thermal management
  • Optional Integral 48-volt DC power and battery back-up available
  • Dual skin and fully insulated construction for the management of high thermal loads
  • All doors secured with a Multi Point Dead Locking system complete with IP dust cover
  • Remotely activated, electronic locks available including CannonGuardenvironment control and management system provision

Market Sector

Communications, Transportation, Security, Defence and all sectors required to house electronic equipment.

Protection Level

  • Usually IP55
  • Can be EMC shielded along with potential for Seismic/Shock attenuated

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