Cannon SISS Outdoor Cabinet

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The Cannon S174800x & S175800x are insulated double wall outdoor cabinets developed and designed to protect Communications, DVR, UPS and active electronic equipment. Primarily used within the Transportation sector for Surveillance Information and Security Systems (SISS), these multi-door access units provide thermal management and vandal proof features. These features ensure that the installed equipment can survive outdoor climate conditions along with the risk of limited physical attacks.

Cannon SISS Outdoor Cabinet


  • IP 55 rating (Optional IP65 available upon request)
  • Internal cooling provided by efficient forced ambient air, Air-Conditioner or Heat Exchanger Unit
  • Double Wall with energy efficient insulation for protection of equipment from sudden or rapid thermal shock.
  • Optional Anti-vibration mounts protect equipment from vibration due to trains etc.
  • Multi-point lock rod system on both front and rear doors as standard
  • 19” panel mounting posts as standard with optional ETSI or customer specific mounting practise configurations
  • Doors secured with stainless steel dead locking system lockable via barrel, PADLOCK or remote access electronic lock (please contact Cannon for details of locking options)
  • Multi-stage cleaning and pre-treatment prior to the application of a 90micron powder coating
  • Manufactured from heavy gauge galvanized material giving a 25-year life expectancy
  • Installed using “direct bury” in-ground root or over-ground plinth system
  • Includes many anti-vandal features within the construction
  • Used in station, carpark, trackside applications for housing and protecting active communications, UPS, DVR and sensitive electronic equipment
  • Cable entry is via the base as standard with side or roof entry available upon request.

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