Cannon Lubrication Outdoor Cabinet


The Cannon C109800A Lubrication System Cabinet is a single-skinned outdoor cabinet that has been designed for siting close to the railway trackside to automatically dispense lubrication grease to the cross-over points’ mechanism.

There are two separate compartments in the cabinet, one for the electronic control system and the other housing a large drum of grease. Access to the grease pot for refilling is via one half of the roof which lifts up and is held in place by struts.

Cannon Lubrication Outdoor Cabinet


  • IP 45 rating
  • Natural ventilation employed for internal cooling
  • Cabinet shown with twin hinged roof section
  • Single and multi-door arrangements available
  • Internal fixings to customers requirements
  • Modular building techniques allow for customer design contribution
  • Roof secured internally using a locking rod system
  • Doors secured with stainless steel multi-point dead locking system
  • Standard colour is grey but can be painted to customers specific colour requirement
  • Multi-stage cleaning and pre-treatment prior to the application of a 90micron powder coating
  • Manufactured from 2mm thick galvanized material giving a 25-year life expectancy
  • Can be supplied with various mounting systems
  • Can be configured with customer specific power distribution system
  • Installed using “Direct bury” in-ground root system
  • Includes many anti-vandal features within the construction
  • As an optional extra the inside can be insulated to reduce the likelihood of condensation forming

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