19 Inch and floor standing server emulator and heat loads that safely and accurately test your data centre.

We are the leading provider of server emulator and heat load units used exclusively for testing data centres, ICT rooms and other clean spaces. We provide our services globally and provide equipment on a rental or sales basis; we can ship to site or provide a fully managed installation service.

What type of test are you Conducting? If you are planning to do a Power test only, it may be appropriate to use large capacity floor standing heat load units. The same units could be used for testing the cooling at a room level.

The Advantage of using fewer units means less cabling, less set-up time and are quicker to Power on/off fewer units. A more accurate cooling test would require smaller, preferably rack mounted Emulators mounted in the racks. By distributing the load in smaller capacities you can more accurately simulate the location of the computer equipment within the racks and across the room. Rack mounted emulators have a delta-t close to that of computer equipment.

What power distribution is available at the time of testing? Heat load can be split into two groups; single or 3-phase powered. It is important to identify how the power is terminated within the room. If commando sockets are available the load can simply be plugged in using the lead provided with the heat load. If the power distribution is not fully implemented it may be necessary to hardwire temporary leads into the power Distribution or to install temporary power distribution Boards.

If the customer racks are Installed, including power strips, it is recommended that the rack mounted server Emulators are connected to the power strips (as this fully tests the power system from the incoming supply through to the power outlet on the power strip).

If the power strips are not implemented or the customer does not want the load to be connected to the strips, it may be necessary to provide temporary power strips.  Are there sufficient power outlets in  terms of capacity and quantity in the locations where the heat load is required?

Single & 3-phase floor standing heat load banks provide predictable electrical and heat loads. This enables the testing of the electrical and cooling systems in a controlled environment. 2kW to 3kW – Single Phase 9kW, 15kW & 22kW – 3 Phase   Over 50 temporary power distribution boards; with a mixture of 200 and 250Amp boards available.   Three single phase rack mounted server emulator/ heat load offerings are available; a basic 2kw heat load unit and 2kw/3.5kw server emulators.   For further details on Heat Load Hire please contact the Cannon Sales Team.

For further details on Heat Load Hire please contact the Cannon Sales Team.

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For further details on Heat Load Hire please contact the Cannon Sales Team.

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