Cannon D-Type Outdoor Cabinet


“D-TYPE” is a range of enclosure developed for the communications and fibre jointing sector, in particular where passive equipment is being deployed. The presents of moisture upon the equipment or fibre joint could cause premature failure of the connection leading to serious consequences. The enclosure consists of an outer skin with a fully insulated inner chamber. The insulated inner chamber creates a temperature differential preventing the inner skin from reaching a temperature where dewing on the surface is likely to occur.

The Cannon D-TYPE cabinet provides IP65 protection and is available as standard: 1350mm high x 1250mm wide x 500mm deep with the option via its modular construction to provide customer specific sizes. The base of the cabinet has a plinth system enabling it to be fitted directly to a standard Network Rail Location Case pre-cast concrete block No BRS-SC 31.

Designed primarily for copper and/or fibre cable termination, the star-punching of the metal backboard allows the cabinet to be fitted out with a variety of termination equipment/connectors to customers’ requirements.

Fitted with a removable inner thermal chamber to eliminate condensation, this is a genuine and proven IP65 design with NAMAS test house approvals and being manufactured from Cannon specified high quality materials shows significant savings on true life costs.

Cannon D-Type Outdoor Cabinet

Features and Benefits

  • Proven Designs both in test lab and in field, track and street-side operation.
  • Thermal Solutions sized to provide energy efficient and operations cost savings.
  • IP65 testing completed at an independent test house.
  • Modular designs that can be modified to suit customer specific requirements
  • Double secure doors with dual seal, dual insulation and door stays.
  • Separate removable thermal chamber with thermal barrier supports, bottom cable entry gland system and fully insulated.
  • Cabinet can be tailored with various copper termination modules or fibre storage systems.
The D-TYPE has undergone cyclic climatic and rapid change of temperature tests at the MOD’s climatic laboratories of the Defence Test and Evaluation Organisation, as well as dust and water protection, vibration, EMC shielding effectiveness, impact resistance, panel rigidity and rigorous paint adhesion testing. Cannon Type ‘OC’ Cabinets are fully approved by Network Rail to 97/U/C/024 and registered with PADS No 86/009967.

Market Sector

Any passive equipment & connectivity components with Transportation, Defence, Security, Communications etc.

Protection Level

  • IP65
  • Can be IP & EMC shielded along with potential for Seismic/Shock attenuated


Electronic Remote Access Locks Electronic Key Pads / RFID / Bio-Metrics Sensors (Thermal, humidity, alarms etc.) and Display/Alarm via SNMP and web based application Thermal solution matched to equipment requirements Multiple chambers providing compartments to suit specific equipment mounting and thermal requirements.

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