Cannon A-Type Outdoor Cabinet

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“A-TYPE (AirWave)” is the name given to Cannon’s range of outdoor enclosure protection for Base Stations; these tend to be the most sophisticated enclosures manufactured and consequently use greatest amount of resources in both design and manufacturing.

Typically the cabinet will be environmentally controlled and managed by using either full air conditioning or air-to-air heat exchangers. Most have remote alarming and more customers are electing to use remote locking facilities to control third party access to the enclosure.

Due to the type of equipment housed within the enclosure i.e. high heat dissipating class “A” amplifiers used within the transmission equipment, the heat being dissipated from the equipment is very high and can be as much as 5-kwatts in total.

The equipment demands high standards of cleanliness meaning that IP ratings of 65 are common. The enclosure is constructed with a dual skin; this secondary skin acts as an insulator preventing the long wave radiation created by the solar gain from penetrating and effecting the internally controlled temperature.

Cannon A-Type Outdoor Cabinet

Features and Benefits

  • Electronic Remote Access Locks
  • Electronic Key Pads / RFID / Bio-Metrics
  • Sensors (Thermal, humidity, alarms etc.) and Display/Alarm via SNMP and web based application
  • Up-to IP65 sealing
  • Thermal solution matched to equipment requirements
  • Multiple chambers providing compartments to suit specific equipment mounting and thermal requirements.
  • Proven Designs both in test lab and in field and street-side operation.
  • Thermal Solutions sized to provide energy efficient and operations cost savings.
  • IP65 testing completed at an independent test house.
  • Modular designs that can be modified to suit customer specific requirements

Market Sector

To house racks or cabinets integrated with Communications, Microwave, Base-Stations, Telecoms BTS (radio transmission systems) etc.

Protection Level

Usually IP55 (Up to IP65). Can be IP & EMC shielded along with potential for Seismic/Shock attenuated.

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