SMAS SSIP WorkSafe Certificate

Cannon Technologies Group achieves the UK’s SSIP Scheme of choice and attain a Health & Safety certificate recognised by thousands of organisations.

Since the launch of SSIP assessments in May 2009, many construction companies and Principal Contractors now adopt this approach to Health & Safety pre-qualification and will only appoint contractors holding a valid and in-date certificate issued by an SSIP Member Scheme.

SMAS Worksafe is the UK’s SSIP scheme of choice and they’ve helped Cannon Tech and thousands of other contractors to show their commitment to workplace safety, secure work with trusted organisations through their SSIP assessments.

Along with other contractors, Cannon Tech lead the way in workplace safety regulation and compliance.

By holding the latest valid SSIP Member Scheme certificate Cannon Tech demonstrating our capability in meeting the ‘core criteria’, this enhances our businesses compliance, and shows our commitment to safe and responsible workplace management.

SMAS SSIP Certificate